Sunday, August 21, 2011


I hope she'll still love me even if this is a blog post at 2:30 in the afternoon.

I'm sorry Alex. I got locked out of my house last night at 2AM and no one would let me in. BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE. I promised you a blog and I failed you. I guess this could be the blog dedicated to you though.


lessss do dis.

Dear Alex Danko and Sara Witkowski,
First off, cool names. Really. The coolest I've ever heard/said to myself hundreds of times. Now, I believe it was back in November-ish when I became friends with your lover Nicole Gausch. We started something beautiful, really. From there I found your blog. I would sit in class and get all giddy when I saw a new post and I'd spend the next 15 minutes reading it, and then feel abandoned when it was over. True story. This happened frequently. Then when Nicole and I became Facebook friends I found you guys and I'll admit, I did some creepin'. But you can't really blame me. YOU GUYS ARE PRETTY AND YOUR PICTURES MAKE ME WANT TO THROW UP RAINBOWS. I wanted to send the friend request, but felt a little weird about it. So I kept to commenting on Blogger. Granted I don't do it that much. But I've tried not to be as big of a creep with you guys as I am with Nicole.

I don't really remember where I was going with this. I really only did this because Alex told me to and I felt obliged to do so. But to end it I'll give you guys a few reasons why we should be the best of friends:

  1. I'm already friends with all the important people in Pennsylvania. Might as well join in on the love.
  2. I have great music taste.
  3. I'm getting this notion that I'm funny as shit.
  4. I'll call you pretty no matter what.
  5. I'll bake ya cookies.
That's really about it.

This entire thing makes me look like a lesbian. Awkward.