Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camping Adventures

My computer got fixed faster than expected. So here are some videos.

But first here's a video of Diamond and I:

And now Camping Adventures:

And finally:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey Guize

My computer's broken. Sad, I know.

So camping post will be delayed. Maybe if you go bug Mallory she'll write one.

When I return I'll have videos.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And here we are

Less than 4 hours away from...Camping. Two days in the woods with these chicks

We're either going to die in the woods or come back hating each other. I honestly can't think of which one I want more, because these are really my only friends. Not really. But they're my two favorite.

But you may be wondering why these three 'suburban' girls are going camping. I don't really know if suburban is the right word to use, but let's just go with it. There's no need for us to be camping. No need at all. We spend our nights on the internet and at Taco Bell. We get angry if you wake us up before noon. We don't hike or do outdoorsy things. So why, I ask you, WHY?!

Because Mallory made a list. A list of things she wants to complete before summer ends. And on that list there are "Drive some where far without my parents" and "Stay the night some where far away without my parents" And so came camping. Also on the list is "Tan naked on a roof." That girl and the things she comes up with.

So because of this list we will be driving two hours to Boone, NC and sleeping in the woods. So for all you axe murderers out there, you know where to find us.

You'd think spending two days in the woods would give us motivation to get prepared, right?


We are procrastinators loud and proud.

I originally had a video of Diamond Dix and I but YouTube was being gay so you'll have to wait till a later day for that, but to make up for it; this is a picture of Mallory that I found on my camera.

Monday, June 20, 2011

College and Stuff

Oh God where to begin. It's like 13 months until I go to college. Seems long, I know. But to me it doesn't. Especially since I'm so unprepared. Well, not really. I just need that dumb SAT.

But I'll manage through. for the greater good.

Today I came back from Asheville and I can really see myself going to school there. It's artsy and it's small and it's far enough from home that I'll have to learn to grow up and I feel that that's what I need. Plus I'll fit in well with the other freaks.

What was the point of this? I'm sure none of you care. I'm really, kind of, sort of, excited for college. I'm not really scared. Maybe that will come later, but for right now I'm pretty cool about it. My parents promised me a bike. I fucking love bikes.

Now I just got to get through this pesky high school.

Here's some music:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 15

of not buying CD's. My mind has become hazy. My eyesight has blurred. All I can think about is buying wonderful music for 3, 4 , $5. I can barely make it through the day. It seems that this is my rock bottom.

My name is Chloe Collins and I'm a CD buying addict.
Back when I had this great job that paid $10 an hour I'd go to this wonderful place called Edward McKay's and buy loads of CDs. Literally. Shit added up.

And when I say I went every week, I mean I went EVERY week.

The gallery I work at is closing, which means no more $10 an hour, which means until I find another job no more CD buying. I really need to save my money, but just the idea is weighing me down. I've come to realize that it isn't the CD itself that I'm addict to. It's the fact that I can say "I own that CD" that I'm addict to. Because mostly I listen to my iPod. I never touch the CD's and believe me, there's a lot to touch.

One hundred and forty-eight.
Side note: I'm also very proud of owning every season of One Tree Hill

Since I've forbidden myself from going any where near a CD store, I've resulted in other ways to gather my music. And we'll just keep it at that. But if Mallory Colbert would like to flash drive me Foster the People, I'll be happy to let her borrow Gomez. And if Nicole Gausch would be nice enough to SHARE SOME OF HER DAMN MUSIC that would be greatly appreciated too.

But since I can't spend any money, I've done what I do best and have made a list of CD's to buy once I find another job:

  • PS - Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • 19, 21 - Adele
  • Every Ryan Adams that I don't already have
  • Gravity Happens - Kate Voegele
  • The Midnight Organ Fight - Frightened Rabbit
  • Low vs Diamond
  • B-Sides, O - Damien Rice
  • Hideaway - The Weepies
  • Last Night On Earth, First Day of Spring - Noah and the Whale
  • Something to Write Home About - The Get Up Kids
  • Wild Young Hearts - Noisettes
Donations are being taken. Please mail them here:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Rant

on religion.

My mother always told me that there are three things you should never talk about. Politics, sexuality, and RELIGION. But then again I always told my mom that I hate everyone and never follow by the man's rules.

When Mallory and I are hungry we go to Taco Bell and sit in a shady parking lot for hours, and of course we have conversations. Most are conversations on religion. Mallory doesn't think there's a god. Or she thinks there's a god, but she just wants proof of it.

Now here's my take:

I, for one, believe there is a God. I believe he put me on Earth and said "Do what ever the fuck you want and when you die we'll see whether you're right for heaven or hell." In my mind, we have one life and it's not as long as we all think. So why should we spend it following someone else's rules? I don't live by God. I don't go to church. I don't get on my knees and pray to him every night.
I wake up, get dressed, play Nintendo, eat what ever the hell I want, and go on with my day.

There's none of this, a.k.a things I hate about religion:

God vs. Gays - In my opinion, if being with another man or chick is what REALLY makes YOU happy then it shouldn't be ANYONE else's business. God says he loves every one. That should include gays. The Bible says we shouldn't get tattoos, or divorces. We can't wear gold or eat shellfish. The Bible also bans you from pulling out. Yeah, don't stick your penis in something if you're not prepared for the long haul. If you're gay I wish you all the happiness. Because, you sir or ma'am, have courage. Courage to walk out into this world and not be ashamed of what you really are. You go Glen Coco!

Another thing, I want to make this clear: I am in NO WAY bashing God. I am ENTIRELY complaining about people that feel it is their need to shove their religion down my throat with music, yelling, TV, and force.

So, back to this

The Bible vs. people who could really care less - I've never read the Bible, let alone a passage longer than two sentences. To me, the Bible and God are two different things. The Bible was written by a couple of Bishops who decided it was their duty to tell every one what God's message was. It just seems really long and pointless. It just goes back to what I was saying about me living my life to the best that I can. I feel that I don't need the Bible to help me do that. Now, when God comes out with a book titled "I'm God: read this shit" then, and only then, will I read it. Until then, no Bible reading for me.

Me vs. people who shove their religion down my throat - This is my biggest problem with religion. So you're really into God. Hey, THAT'S GREAT! But I'm not and let's keep it that way. I don't need you 'saving me' or helping me find Christ. You can't save me and do you even know exactly where Jesus is? No? Then shut the hell up.

The world vs. uptight Christians - We've all had that experience. You're sitting at your lunch table or in class and you're having a good time with your friends. You're telling that joke you saw on the Internet last night after you got done looking at your usual porn and you're about to get to the punchline when you say it. The most forbidden word in all of the English language. The dreaded f-word.

There's always that one punk ass kid who ruins the mood by leaning over and starts whining about your language. This is usually the kid who grew up and went to church every Sunday AND Wednesday. They're in the youth group and all of their friends go to the same church as them. This is the kid that's involved in E V E R Y T H I N G at school. Their parents are the kind of parents that want their kid to go to college and be successful, but are so blind that they can't see that their kid is a loser. This kid, my friends, is a douche. And they just love to ruin your good time by complaining about the language. Well, fuck you. What's worse than this kid? Being friends with someone just like this. Believe me, I know and I love this chick enough to censor myself when she's around. But she's also the type of girl that doesn't get mad whenever you let it slip.

Religion loyalist vs. Religion hypocrites - Also a big problem with me. I can't really explain this one as well as Mallory. So, introducing: Mallory. Or a note from Mallory:

Again, if you're a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or anything else your heart desires that's cool. Go off and pray to your God like there's no tomorrow. But please, PLEASE do not go and preach it in the streets or get on some lame-ass talk show and tell everyone what YOU believe in. Because almost 99.9% of the time you're going to look like some white trash bitch who can't seem to get laid. I didn't write this post to try and change your opinion of God or try to piss you off. Mostly I wrote it because I wanted to complain about something. So, enclosing, I'll leave you with my final words:

In my opinion, God put us on Earth to L I V E. He wants us to be happy and live our lives as best as possible, whether that's for him or not. He doesn't want us walking around shoving shit down other people's throats. Like penises.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And We're Back

Chicks and gents, I'd like to welcome you back to The GetUp Kid. As you can tell, some changes have been made. Mostly E V E R Y T H I N G. I figured it was time for you guys to see something new, so I sat down and thought really hard about this. Well, not really. I had to spend my time at work doing something.

I wish I could say I've been thinking long and hard about my return to Blogger, but honestly I've just been playing Zelda. I FUCKING love Zelda.

Fuck you guys. I'm in love with a fictional character.

But while I was busy playing Zelda I did decide on a few new things for when I finally did make my return.

[insert list]
  1. I'm going to start using the word 'fuck' more. Why? Because I fucking want to. And if you don't like it then you can go...well, you know.
  2. I'm going to start talking about more controversial topics. Like my favorite: religion. Which will be coming soon to a computer near you.
  3. More hilarious pictures.
  4. I'll try not to talk about my boring job and instead talk about how I'm avoiding work. #whatwork?
  5. It's summer break. Which means: more blog posting and more Nintendo playing. And if you don't like my rambling of Super Mario and Zelda then you, sir, can just leave.
  6. I'm going to find something that makes this blog oRiGiNaL instead of just talking about my week and my nonexistent social life. I want something that I can do weekly and will be so awesome/cool that your eyes bleed.
  7. Music is the art of conversation, bitches.
  8. I'm going to say what's on my mind. I always feel as if I'm censoring myself and this is really the last place to do that.
  9. I want to meet more internet friends. Which I know that about three, maybe four, people read this blog, but COME ON. I can't stay obsessed with Nicole Gausch forever. #yesican
  10. Videos? Maybe. Mallory and I want to start a YouTube channel and become famous. Hopefully that will happen this summer.
Speaking of Mallory, here's her new blog: I have a feeling it's going to be better than mine and I'll get so discouraged that I'll just quit and never come back to Blogger. Why? Because Mallory is simply better than me. And yes, I know for a fact Mallory is sitting at home, on her bed or chair, smiling at the computer with her mouth wide open and screaming "YES!" I can just picture it. But, here it is anyway. And just like that all of my followers leave.

What's that? You won't leave? Yeah, you're all fucking liars.

But if you do stay here's an insight to what's to come:

And if you don't understand this picture it simply means: ass-kicking