Monday, February 28, 2011

To Be Perfectly Honest...

I don't remember writing about half of my last post.

It WAS around 2AM. Just sayin'.

I got a new journal. It's where I'm writing all my jizz now. It's pretty legit. Read it and you die.

This is only distracting me for the time being. I'm actually just waiting for Pretty Little Liars to come on and then I'm afraid I'll have to leave you precious blog.

"Oh, well Chloe how was school today?"

"Well, it was great now that you mention it."

"Why would that be?"


1) I. Love. Making. Roller. Coasters.
    -It's really the only part of Physical Science that I like. I've always known that I like to make things and take things apart and put them back together again. This desk I'm sitting at? Took it apart and put it all back together for no apparent reason. ALL BY MYSELF. It's not lame that I want to spend the next week hiding out in my room building multiple roller coasters, right?
2) I know I complain about my Journalism class a lot, but I really do like it. I mean the teacher isn't that bad. She's just not on my level. She doesn't really bother me. Actually some days I don't think she even cares that I'm there. Which is great for me because usually I'm not. I'm usually out walking around the school visiting the teachers that I do like. If it wasn't for Journalism I wouldn't have been able to give my math teacher this amazing picture:
Credit goes to Mallory for showing me this.
3) My Fall Out Boy obsession has finally come. It only took me a few years for it to get here. Really, why didn't I appreciate these dudes back when they were still together? Eh, I guess it's for the best. Less heartbreak and all. Also, Justin Timberlake, will you marry me?
4) The Girl by City and Colour. Nuff said.
5) Diamond Dicks (even though you're not reading this), you're amazing.
6) Started off the week right by skipping Big Brother Big Sister today and going to Taco Bell instead. That sounded extremely mean.

And now is where I leave you to bask in the glory of that list that took me a total of 5 minutes to make.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Since When Did...

1AM become an acceptable bedtime? Remember when our parents tucked us in at eight o'clock EVERY night? I do and I also remember how much it sucked. I'd lie in bed for hours staring at blackness waiting until wretched sleep came. Usually it never did.
I've never had a good sleeping pattern.

When I was in elementary school I never slept at other people's houses. Never liked it. Still don't, really. I just like being in my house with my stuff and my food. But you can come over if you like. But you have to sleep on the couch. That whole "let's share a bed because we're best friends" thing doesn't work for me. Also, I have a twin size bed and I don't like you that much.

It only gets worse from there.

My parents had a huge queen size bed. I slept under it. Not in it. Under it. Had my own little space down there and everything.

When they got a new bed, they gave me that one. That's when I realized it wasn't the bed that I liked, it was being in the same room of my parents. So, I made myself a little space beside my mom's side of the bed. I loved it. She didn't. It's just that's where I felt safe. I've always had this fear of robbers breaking into my house and killing my entire family. I still do to this day. I sleep with my door locked every night. But just think about it. A robber breaks in, he's going to be searching around your house, going through your shit, moving in and out of rooms. MY ROOM. Where I'm by myself. Nope, nuh uh, I'm not going to have any of that. I'm going to be right there in my parent's bedroom where my dad can jump out of bed and kick some ass like he's Superman. Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is.

But, yeah, I eventually got over that. I moved over to my own bed in my own room. Well, once I got there I found myself never sleeping. So I stayed up shinning flashlights at my ceiling convincing myself there were spiders in the crawlspace.

But now I'm 17, in my room with the door locked, a baseball bat in my closet, and the window no less than three feet away. To future robbers: I will beat you with my bat and then jump out the window for my safe getaway. Sorry, family. You're on your own.

I'm going to be screwed when I go off to college.

That's why my plan is to get wasted every night.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Real Blog Post

Let's give a round of applause for Mallory, who kindly saw to it to pick up my slack.

Now I'm going to try and make this an actual blog post. A Chloe blog post.

Who am I kidding? We all know that that's not going to happen.
But let's give it a go.

It is currently 7:35PM and this is me avoiding science homework. Really, test corrections are great and all, but if I didn't get it the first time I'm most likely not going to get it the next. I just finished the 12 billion definitions I had to do for History and for some reason waited to do the day before they were due. I have a flip book due Monday for science that I intend on never starting and a test tomorrow in History that I have to dress up for if I ever dream of passing. Those two classes are going to kill me. Oh, and my damn Spanish teacher is recording my groups restaurant scene tomorrow and I have no idea how to speak Spanish. Maybe I shouldn't have slept through Spanish I last year. Also, my journalism teacher is a bitch.

OK, rant over. Sorry.

I hate school. Let's drop out together?

In other news, look at THIS

For those of you just now coming to this revelation (like I am), she has no eyebrows. NO EYEBROWS! Apparently it's her trademark...

Surprised me too. Also shocked me that she was actually married, not once, BUT THREE TIMES.
Hey, Nicole see that tab at the top?!?!?! I'm going to watch it THIS WEEKEND.

I've spent the last two days doing nothing but reading and playing TRASHKETBALL. God, I love journalism.

I just finished reading Looking for Alaska for the third time. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. Read it. Forrealz. READ IT.

And now I'm reading this. And by reading I mean it's sitting beside my bed with the potential of being read. I'm going to start it eventually. But I did watch the movie the other day.


You guys can see how much I'm avoiding homework, right?

But before I go I want to introduce you to this amazing website that you probably won't find interesting at all. 
I just find all of his little sayings amazing and beautiful and funny and you'll probably look at it and say it's stupid, but I DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I LIKE IT!

I guess I should get back to that homework now...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When I realized that I could still sign into Chloe's blog I FREAKED.

So, yeah. She never posts anymore.
But it's okay because I don't post on Dailybooth anymore.

But it's not out fault we have BUSYASS lives.
For example, I've been avoiding a History paper for, I don't know, 5 hours now.
And I'm about to get REAL close to starting...or not.
But I had this GREAT revelation.
Here it is as I thought it:

"Hmmm...Chloe never blogs. I give her ideas sometimes. Ya know, I blogged for her once...I should do it again!
So now now this password thing. What does Chloe like the most in this world? Me? Yes. 'Mallory1S4w3s0m3.' YES. I'M IN. YES!!!"

And now I'm here.
I don't really have anything to say.
I'm really behind in life.
This isn't helping.
Here's a story:

Sometimes I mistake 'so and so has liked a link on your page' to 'so and so likes you' on Facebook.
My existence is worthless. It's obvious.
Also, I'm in love.


I don't know where to go with this.

Let's make a list.

Reasons why...I'm behind in life/my life is unimportant:
1) I hate texting, but when I should be doing something else I always answer my phone. Only no one ever texts me.
2) I check Facebook every 3 min. when I should be doing something else. I literally hate 95% of people on Facebook, but I steal read ALL THEIR SHIT. Facebook told me I ran out of posts to read today. THE FUCK?
3) I listen to music while I work and get busy singing to it.
4) I'm taking a fucking needlework class, but I'm not an old lady that has 16 hours a day to do nothing.
6) Fucking Youtube...
7) SNL exists. The end.
8) Every time I'm hungry I use it as an excuse to not do what I need.
9) My parents expect me to clean.
10) I blame my brother for all my misfortunes.
11) This list is too long.


Chloe and I won The Fluff War in case you're curious. We're gonna celebrate.

Okay, seriously. Mr. Hewitt is legit gonna fail me if I don't do this.


I love you.
No, you hang up.
No, YOU.
Now it's just annoying,
Okay, I will First.
I didn't hang up either, lolololol.
Okay, love-
Oh yeah...Hahaha, we're awesome.
But no.
Love you.

Shit I think I forgot to say something really important *dies*


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been 12 days

since I've last blogged. I know. I'm really a...

I'm sorry. I know none of you can get through the day without me.

The things keeping me from you?

school, a life, facebook, homework, school, laziness, avoiding-ness (?), the fact that I have nothing interesting to talk about, homework, sleep, friends, buying CD's. annnd school.

I'm sorry.

There's no way I could ever make this a real post by actually saying something interesting, so I'll just close it with pictures of my lovers.

Maybe next post will be better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I always feel bad whenever I go more than three days go by without blogging. Which, I might say, is kind of ridiculous. Some people just never blog but once in a blue moon. And then I come along every other day with another one of my oh so interesting posts that I know everyone drops everything and reads. Right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiight? It's just three days feels like a long time to me. I'm very impatient.


A new semester started at my good ol' high school. So for all you creepers out there I now take Physical Science, US History (honors that is), Spanish dos, annnnd Journalism...again. I don't know why I'm taking it again, maybe because I REALLY hate Foods and didn't want to take Foods 2. POINTLESS CLASS! But, yeah, now I get to spend another semester not doing my work and writing stupid articles for my stupid school newspaper. This week's article? Pros and cons of Facebook. Ooooooo original. I personally like Facebook and see no problem with it, but because I'm a people pleaser I will come up with some negatives about the glorious social network and bullshit my way to an A just for my teacher. This semester, I will try not to fail Journailsm. Yes, it is possible to fail Journalism. But, hey, at least I get to spend the semester with my friend S. Patt. Spanish sucks, but I got Diamond Dicks and I made a new friend. It was a big day for me. My History teacher is a bald bastard, but he talks about weed a lot so it kind of balances out.

I'm only writing this to avoid the two papers I have due tomorrow and have yet to start. I DON'T WANNA START. TOO MUCH WORK.

To continue with my rambling/avoiding, my mom is leaving tomorrow for Virginia. She has yet to buy a train ticket to come home. I'm a little scared.

I can't keep rambling like this. I'm sorry. I'll try harder next time.

It's been in my head all day.