Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Midnight

There's really nothing I have to say here. So here's a letter Mallory wrote to Myspace before finally deleting her profile.

"Oh, myspace. We had some great times. We really did. You were my life and all I thought of was you. I remember all the pictures and comments. All the statuses I couldn't wait to post. Even the drama. It was all apart of our great relationship. But I matured and you didn't. While we'll always share great memories, I've moved onto someone who fits me better. I'll always feel something for you, but it's time for us to find who's really meant for us.
Goodbye, Myspace.
Goodbye forever."

I hope you enjoyed that.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


so Nicole told me to do this like/dislike thing and it's taken me about a week to figure out what I like and dislike. THIS SHIT IS HARD TO COME UP WITH. But don't worry. I got this.

Also, if you'd like more interesting like/dislike thingys go check out Unintelligent Utterance and Blog Schmog. Theys be c00ler. Anyway, let's do this shit:

Likes: driving, chicken burritos at Taco Bell, those two idiots called Taylor and Mallory, clipping my toenails, music (lots and lots of music), Tyler Hilton, Jones soda, reading, singing badly, trips to Barnes & Noble, James Lafferty, One Tree Hill, Nikita, Pretty Little Liars, TV in general, The Fluff War (sometimes), college basketball, the scale of coolness Mallory made me:
quarters, peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars, not giving a shit, candles, juice, my art project room, my car, the mess in my car, getting mail, converse, cheetos, watching Mallory freak out over planning things, smoking weed #lie, not doing homework, PowerPoints, Fight Club, SOUUUUP preferably with a soda on the side, CD's, being cheap, Ives, Taylor's laugh, CARRRRRL, taking showers, the smell of gas and markers, furry mountain hats, annnnnd lava lamps.

Dislikes: driving, annoying people, too many sex jokes, being told what to do, staring, my dog Duke, talking on the phone, anchovies, Sarah Jessica Parker, my reliant on technology, people who haven't seen the Titanic (Mallory), my constant cursing, the fact that I'm listening to Disney songs right now even though I really love them, sweatpants, Maroon 5, not sleeping, school, my contacts, my glasses, being blind, being dirty, NICOLE (what?), the fact that I'm actually doing this, crappy pens, work, not having enough money, grammar, thinking of college, laziness, the fact that I'm lazy, gross juice, when people file their nails, pennies, and MGB's.

Good? Good. Now that that's over...
I got the whole week off from skewl and have been doing this:

That white stripe will eventually become something. Also, we did this:

Speaking of Mallory, here's our Friday night:

That was a lot of pictures. My apologies. They seemed important at the time. Guess not. There seemed to be something I wanted to say, but of course I forgot so I'm just gonna end this. I'M HANGING OUT WITH THIS CHICK TOMORROW:


Friday, January 21, 2011

I've started

about four different posts without finishing them. Don't worry, Nicole, I will eventually post that like/dislike thing. Mal and I came up with the idea of redecorating my room. The whole thing. It's basically been my giant art project for over the last year. I'm sad to see it go, but it's time for something not so cluttered. If you've never seen it then here:

Over 500 Cd's. So much work.

All I've got right now is a big blob of white paint on my wall. I may be in a little over my head.

Mirror pics are soooo middle school. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

In other news, EXAMS ARE OVER! And now I can continue on with my life here in the blogger world.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I was going to do a different post that I kinda accidentally posted yesterday, but it's 4AM and sleep seems to hate me right about now. I'm thinking of just pullin' an all-nighter and taking powernaps throughout the day? Whatev.

But today's post is brought to you by complete boredom and my iTunes. Here I will give guessed it...A LIST of the songs that have changed my life so far. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Oh look another hipster faggot talking about how much music is important to her." Well, for your information I am 1) not a hipster and never intend to be and 2) music is not THAT important to me. I just, you know, kinda like love it. It's basically another one of those unhealthy obsessions I have. Like the one I have for Nicole Gausch.

So, let's continue on with this jizz.
Also, there are videos if anyone cares enough to actually listen.
One more thing, there's no particular order, except maybe the first three, but then I got lazy.

1) You'll Ask For Me - Tyler Hilton
- Well, there's a surprise for ya. A Tyler Hilton song being number one. You all know about my undying love for him and know about the embarrassment I made of myself when I ACTUALLY met him. But this song is great and before my computer fucked up I had listened to it over 200 times.
- I was in like the fifth grade when I first heard this song and thought nothing of it. And then I got on my One Tree Hill binge and heard it again. Then rewatched the video over and over again to see Hilarie Burton. #that'snotcreepy. But now I honestly consider this as to be my favorite song. Consider yourself special cause I rarely admit what my favorite song is. I know you'll never hear it the same way I do, but please, no judging.
- This is a favorite because of the memory that comes along with it. June 16th, 2009 I went to see Bryan Greenberg with my mom, cousin, and aunt. #iamcool But on the ride back my cousin and I listened to this song over and over until we made the hour car ride back home. We belted out every lyric and screamed pretty much every time he said 'fuck' in the song. Best. Night. Evaar.
- I was a little kid when I first heard this song. I remember my mom singing it as I sat in the back seat trying to be cool and block her out. It wasn't until I got older and started appreciating all different kinds of music that I realized how much I love this song. Eight minutes and twenty-nine seconds and I know every lyric. From Buddy Holly's death to everything else music important throughout the 60's and 70's this song just makes me, dare I say, happy. And ignore the monstrosity of hair in the video. It is an old song.
- *GASP* Chloe likes country?? What a surprise! Yes, yes I know you're all wondering about how I fell into such an ear-aching genre. Well, it was that song right there. Thanks to my creepy blog stalking, I found that song on some random blog. Since then country music has been a big part of my life. Brad Paisley, Josh Turner, Taylor Swift. Everyone gives me strange looks when I tell them I like country. And I'll admit it is weird, but I do and I'm stickin' to it.
- He's my favorite Irish man. Well, him and Peter Griffin. Main reason I like this song? "Loving is good if your dick's made of wood." It's a bit immature, but it really is my favorite line. The rest of the song is beautifully written and his voice makes me melt. *sigh* Seriously, just buy his album, 9 and you'll love him too.
- Only because it's what me and Mallory play when we're about to pull a fluff. So many great memories wrapped up in this song.
- So...couldn't find Dylan actually singing this one, so here's Tyler for ya. I first heard this song when it was being covered by Tyler Hilton and then after I HAD to hear the original. This song is always on repeat whenever I'm writing, which is supaa rare. But when it does happen that's what I'm listening to.
- This one's for you Nicole and Taylor. I heard this song jealous. I bought his album on the spot and this song is what me and Taylor listen to every time we hang every Sunday.
- Yet another song I heard on One Tree Hill. Honestly, I can't help myself. It's such good music. I mean, just listen to that voice!
- This might sound creepy, but if Missy Higgins knocked on my door right now and started making out with me I would go gay right there on the spot. No question about it. #okmaybesome. But COME ON this song is awesome. And she plays the piano and songs and she's australian and, and yeah. OK, done freaking out. Sorry.

Damn this list is long.
- It's the lyrics that makes me love this song the most...and maybe the banjo. This is actually the song that made me love Ryan Adams. This is one guy that I love not for his hotness (because there's really none there), but because the songs he writes are beautiful and meaningful. His songs make up for the fact that he's not hot. How do you think he got Mandy Moore?
- Not well known, but still amazing. He opened for Bryan Greenberg when I saw him. I liked him cause we were wearing the same hat and well, now...yeah that's sort of the same reason.
- Well, it is about my life.
- The first Tyler Hilton song that I really heard. Really, he's just beautiful, right Nicole?
- Taylor's new favorite song. This one's really strong and it gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. And then I listened to it fifty times after that. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. Like, really. BEAUTIFUL!
- Disney movies are the bomb. And the soundtrack is just amazing to me. I have all of the classic Disney songs on my iPod and I listen to them daily. This one just sticks out cause it's from one of my favorite movies and it really is the best song in the world. No seriously, I have complete control on what's the best in the world. Didn't you know? Oh well, I made Tyler Hilton the sexist man alive.
- Really, any one of their songs can go here. I'm being serious you guys, go buy Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You. It's a good album. AND HIS NAME IS GRUBBS FOR GODSAKE!
- You guessed it...One Tree Hill. Again such good music. Only this man and woman could take a song about heartbreak and make it sound so somber. The first line kind of just froze me in place when I first heard. I love, love, love, love this band.
I know you're all dying to know what's last. I mean, I made you read all of this, so it MUST be a great song. Well....
- Now this song has no where near changed my life except for the fact that I'm now a professional rapper. It's about my two favorite things in life. Sex and weeeeed. #completelies. But it's funny and by sixth grade I knew the entire song. Now that's skill.

Well, there you have it lady and gents. The songs that have changed my life (took me ten minutes to come up with this work of art). I hope you weren't bored out of your minds. If in some ways you don't like these songs, GET OVER IT.

Love ya.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


That seems to be the topic on every one's mind. Well, mine at least.Let me explain:
Over the past two weeks my friends and I (I dropped out of the planning process the first night) have been planning this thing we like to call Dare Night. Basically there are three teams, each member of each team gets three dares, everyone gets a bonus dare that puts them out of their comfort zone. ie: go streaking, roller blade through the mall.

We all met up at Mal's house, got our dares, and, well, left to go do them. My team was the amazing Taylor annnnnnnnd this guy:

He thinks I hate him. *long silence* I don't.

Annnnyway, my dares were to follow someone around in a store and put everything they buy into your basket. Turned into me walking around Lowes Foods for thirty minutes following around a lady in a leather jacket that looked like my digital media teacher. Eat blue cheese. Gross. Bonus points if you eat an anchovies. PROJECTILE VOMIT. Drive by mosh (if you don't know what that is, YouTube it). And give an interview with a stranger. I found a black man named Billy and , no, he does not think Mr. Belding and Zack Morris will ever start a relationship.

Oh yeah.

There are more pictures and videos from Dare Night, but I don't want to have to deal with the pictures right now.

In the end, we have no idea who won, because we're a bunch of teenagers that can't keep score of anything. #butwewon


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To People of Earth

sorry for the lack of blogging. This past week has been a bit crazy. A classmate of mine just died and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Not the dying part, the lack of living a life part. I hope that made sense.


Anyway, last Tuesday was a pretty crazy day of school. It felt like everyone was walking on eggshells. I cried a total of three times that day. THREE. If you knew me then you'd know that I'm usually the rock, so crying doesn't come often to me. But I'm good now. I didn't know her that well and I guess my grieving process is over. Like I said before, it wasn't the dying part that freaked me out; mostly it was me thinking about how me and this girl were the same age and how at any minute we could die. Kinda depressing, huh? Yeah, well now you know how I feel.

Dying is kind of an important part of our lives. Whether it's tomorrow, next week, or ten years from now. The point is we're all going to die. And yet, we sit here in front of a computer screen reading pointless things everyday. There's an entire world out there that's beyond our homes and neighborhoods and school. But we still choose to sit here with nothing better to do. As crazy as it sounds, some days I just want to leave. I want to throw a few clothes in a duffel bag and just go. But I never do and some days I guess it's that fear that's holding me back. And then some days I look at my friends and family and I wonder why I would ever leave.

But one day, I will. One days I'm going to leave with nothing but a bag of clothes and a full tank of gas and I won't look back. I'm gonna sleep in my car and climb trees and be completely free. But what do I know? I'm just 17.

This is a very touche subject for me, so don't make fun. This is also what death does to me. It makes me think about what else life has to offer.

There's more I could say, but I think I'll save it for the next post, which I promise won't be so sentimental.