Saturday, June 25, 2011

And here we are

Less than 4 hours away from...Camping. Two days in the woods with these chicks

We're either going to die in the woods or come back hating each other. I honestly can't think of which one I want more, because these are really my only friends. Not really. But they're my two favorite.

But you may be wondering why these three 'suburban' girls are going camping. I don't really know if suburban is the right word to use, but let's just go with it. There's no need for us to be camping. No need at all. We spend our nights on the internet and at Taco Bell. We get angry if you wake us up before noon. We don't hike or do outdoorsy things. So why, I ask you, WHY?!

Because Mallory made a list. A list of things she wants to complete before summer ends. And on that list there are "Drive some where far without my parents" and "Stay the night some where far away without my parents" And so came camping. Also on the list is "Tan naked on a roof." That girl and the things she comes up with.

So because of this list we will be driving two hours to Boone, NC and sleeping in the woods. So for all you axe murderers out there, you know where to find us.

You'd think spending two days in the woods would give us motivation to get prepared, right?


We are procrastinators loud and proud.

I originally had a video of Diamond Dix and I but YouTube was being gay so you'll have to wait till a later day for that, but to make up for it; this is a picture of Mallory that I found on my camera.

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